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in my c u t i c l e world, fighting against m i r r o r m a n .....★

10 November

M i l l a ' s P r o f i l e ♥

"Nunca la ausencia es la causa del olvido de quien te puede querer más cada día. Podría no verte, no hablarte, pero olvidarte jamás." - Pury♥

Hello everyone^-^ ~ 안녕하세요! ~ こんにちはみんな!
Journal dedicated for fandom, Arashi rainbow-explotions & random events..^,^ . Speak spanish, english, korean & learning japanese.
Let's babble!: Marshmellows, what's that? they're so out of this world that i'm addicted to them. Own the most beautiful cat in this world "TizyAnabelFerroYearwood" huh, what a wonderful name. What's the first thing that comes to my mind whenever i see fish, panda, white t-shirt, sparkles, chin-moles, or rainbows? ---> ARASHI♥. O_o. Love TizianoFerro, IkutaToma, CelineDion & BigBang. SpongeBob is my hero. OHMIYA = TrueLove♥. I hate sunrays&heat, boxing, animal abuse & dirty people (physically speaking).

Feel free to add^^.. i'll just add you back if we talk at least once.

C r e d i t s H e r e ♥
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